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Withings Body Scan Scale can Measure Segmented Body Fat

Withings has released its far most technologically advanced connected scale yet, the Body Scan. The company has added a handle with four stainless steel electrodes that allows it to measure ECG, segmented body composition and even esoteric things like nerve activity.

These new features will also make it one of the most expensive scales yet when it arrives on the market.  Withings says it’s the number one US smart scale manufacturer and created the Body Scan “because users are demanding more and more medical and health data and information.The design and high-strength tempered glass construction are similar to the previous Body Cardio.

The new device is loaded with extra sensors that can tell you more than ever about your body. That includes four weight sensors, 14 ITO (Indium tin oxide) electrodes within the platform and four stainless steel electrodes on the new handle.The French company also has extended the battery life. It can now go for a year between charges compared to nine months before and it packs a larger, higher-resolution 3.2-inch LCD color display.

The handle allows safe, low-level electrical signals to pass through your entire body, not just your feet much as you may have seen on some advanced gym scales.The device allows you to take new 6-lead ECG that can detect heart arrhythmias via two sets of electrodes on each side of the handle and one within the base of the sale. That compares to a single lead on smartwatches, so the Body Scan can deliver more specific results “that can easily be ready by a cardiologist.

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