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WHO Warns About Mixing and Matching Vaccines

The chief scientist of the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Monday directed against the people mixing and matching the vaccines of Covid-19 from different manufacturers.

They have called it a “dangerous trend” since there was only a little data available about its impact upon one’s health.

WHO specified it is a little bit of a risky trend here as there is very little information regarding this. She also spoke about the lack of data and knowledge about the safety of this process.People are in a data-free and evidence-free zone as far as the mix and match of vaccines are concerned. She further adds by saying that it will be a confusing situation in the countries if the citizens themselves started to decide when and WHO will be taking a second, a third, and even a fourth dose.

The people are told to be careful about any duplication of the vaccines and if vaccines are being distributed in black. Only the process of vaccination that is being run by the government should be trusted and should be implemented by the public as well. No either source of vaccine should be trusted as this is a matter of one’s health. None other than the citizens will be solely responsible in case of any deteriorating health, Only the right and correct medicines that are being provided will be the real vaccines used, and they will tend to yield out positive results.

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