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Walmart to have Roblox, especially for younger customers

Walmart has decided to enter the Roblox experience, attracting more younger customers. Retailer Walmart has decided to set foot in the metaverse with two of the most amazing experiences, especially for the young shoppers. The retailer is entering the experience of Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play in youngster’s favorite gaming platform, Roblox.

Roblox is a global gaming platform for playing and developing games. This platform openly allows users to build games as they like as well as play other users’ games. Roblox is a multiplayer video gaming platform developed by corporation and is available on Microsoft, Android, Apple, Linux and much more.

The sole purpose of Walmart to enter this metaverse is to expand its customer base, more specifically expanding the customers from the younger generation. After the pandemic, Walmart has understood the rising demands of livestream events, social media, online shopping and online gaming. Ever since that, the retailer has hosted various live streaming events on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram to connect with the audience. Along with that, the almighty AR tool has also been used by Walmart on Pinterest for furniture and home decor stuff.

Roblox has announced to use Walmart as a testing ground for now. Walmart’s main aim is to reach out to the Gen Z shoppers (kids particularly 25 or below). Earlier this year, Walmart has signed up for all the trademark related documents for the metaverse. This showed its interest in selling virtual products and virtual currencies in the near future.  However, Walmart’s marketing chief denied to disclose much information as of now

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