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VR Workrooms App Spatial is an NFT Art Platform

Spatial is changing its focus to virtual art galleries showcasing non-fungible tokens. The company announced the news yesterday alongside a $25 million funding round. It is a potential indication of where some “metaverse” tech might be going in the near future.

Spatial original pitch was a virtual workspace where people could don VR headsets, talk to co-workers in virtual meetings, and collaborate by examining virtual items.The company says it’s gone from 80% of its users wearing VR headsets to 80% accessing it through the web and mobile apps, many of these users are more interested in social experiences than work ones, and it’s adjusting its priorities accordingly. It ended nearly all its partnerships with major companies and shut down apps on AR headsets like the Nreal Light and Magic Leap One.

Spatial is focusing on collaborations with artists who want to show off their NFT projects. The latest iteration connects with MetaMask cryptocurrency wallets and lets people see a catalog of the NFT art they own. They can turn the images into gallery spaces like virtual paintings, letting guests mill around and talk to each other with avatars or live videos that float above the avatars’ heads.

Moreover, Spatial will let artists either sell NFTs directly through the platform or import 3D spaces and mint the actual spaces as NFTs, which they could then sell. They are hosting a gallery and NFT launch designed by Renaud Futterer.

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