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Vantage introduces the establishment of healthcare and E&S Excess Casualty Insurance Businesses in Bermuda and the US

Health care and excess casualty are only two of the new product offerings that Vantage Group Holding Ltd. () has announced.A Bermuda-based Class 4 Bermuda business, Vantage Risk Ltd., was formed in late 2020 by and commenced writing reinsurance risk on January 1, 2021. Since then, the Bermuda-based insurer has extended its product line to cover a variety of insurance options. An insurance company in the US, Risk Specialty Insurance, permits certain US risks to be issued on the best financial size category XII AM (A-).

Our healthcare and excess casualty teams’ depth of experience and longstanding ties to the insurance business will be essential as we grow Vantage product offering in our first year of operations,” CEO Greg Hendrick said in a statement. Thank you for your passion and excitement in providing our clients with the greatest risk insights possible.”

In 2021, Denise Watkins will join Vantage as Managing Director of its Bermuda division, overseeing the company’s excess casualty and healthcare insurance operations. At Sompo International, Denise is Senior Vice President for Excess Casualty and Healthcare. She has been in the insurance industry for over 23 years, both here in Bermuda and in the United States.

The University of the South Carolina’s University of South Carolina educated Denise in Finance and Risk Management and certified her as an RPLU and CPCU.Cherie Edwards and Samantha Mohs are among Denise’s Vantage underwriting teams. In the United States and Bermuda, her team has extensive experience in excess casualty and healthcare liability lead lines and excess lines.

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