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USB-C Devices will Ask for Permission to Send Data in MacOS Ventura

If you’re afraid about your computer being ruined by faulty peripherals, MacOS Ventura could be reassuring. According to The Verge, before USB-C Devices and Thunderbolt devices can communicate data on M1- and M2-based Macs, Ventura will demand user approval. You won’t have to worry about someone delivering malware to your system by just putting in a thumb drive, or about a poorly-designed device transferring faulty data to your machine.

The policy is turned on by default, however it has no effect on accessories connected to your Mac during the OS update. External displays, power adapters, and goods connected to already-approved hubs will not be blocked. Even if a device is prohibited, it will continue to charge, so you may use your computer to top up a friend’s phone.This won’t stop devices from frying ports due to electrical surges. However, on top of USB-requirement C’s for encrypted authentication certificates, this might add a significant degree of security. You’ll have the last word on data access, and you might just be able to stop a rogue gadget from causing any harm.

The European Parliament approved a temporary agreement on a rule concerning charging ports for consumer electronics on Tuesday. According to the proposed legislation, by fall 2024, all “small and medium-sized portable electronic devices” – such as phones, tablets, cameras, and earbuds, among others – must utilise USB-C as the charging connector, regardless of the device’s manufacturer.

The decision permits firms, including Apple, a little more than two years to transition their mobile phones to USB-C connectors. Laptops are included in the new law, although laptop original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) will have more time to comply. Laptop OEMs would have 40 months from the approval of the proposal into formal EU law to transition totally to USB-C connections, according to the provisional European Union (EU) agreement.

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