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US Hospitals Experiencing Major Impact of Climate Change

The US is one of the biggest impacted countries by climate change facing wildfires, and many more effects. As a result more people are grappling into the effects. The people are getting sick by from flood, smoke causing respiratory illnesses, etc. thus Hospitals are seeing growing number of patients getting admitted.

The people are facing health related problems due to sudden rise in temperature almost a triple-digit temperature hitting the Pacific Northwest. The doctors are racing to treat patients with heat aggravated illnesses. The most affected people are the homeless people, older population, and people that are take high dosage of narcotics drugs.

The Hospitals are seeing more number of people getting sick due to climate change, inhaling toxic smoke, and airborne infections. According to a recent data, the deaths caused due to climate change may reach 60,000 by 2050. And this figure is very concerning to the US and the medical fraternity. This is also leading to increased medical waste and emission of gases causing damage to the atmosphere.

Los Angeles and the State of California are fighting with wildfires for more than a decade no. This has led to normal life and health disruption in Los Angeles and the State of California. As the states continue to grapple with the disruption, the people are experiencing its negative effect on heath as well and the healthcare industry is striving to find urgent solutions and resources to protect people from health problems.

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