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United Airlines: chance to win a year of free flights

As people have been afraid to get vaccinated in America, United Airlines have offered a chance to win an entire year of free flights for the passengers who are frequent and have been vaccinated. This is a reward for the people to be responsible citizens.

According to a release on Monday, the airlines told that any member who uploads a proof of being vaccinated to United Airlines’ website or app, they will be entered for a chance to win a year of free travel from the Airlines. This scheme will last till June 22.

United Airlines’ CEO Scott Kirby said in the release that they are proud to do their part to incentivize the people to get their shot of Covid-19 as early as possible. The earlier they get vaccinated, the better it is for them. It is because of the vaccine only that travel locations are slowly opening up. Customers are now eager to fly and travel to more and more destinations each day.

The United Airlines has offered another reason for the people to get vaccinated after introducing this offer. They can now be reunited with their family and friends. They can also continue to plan that long-awaited vacation which is now just one shot away, and this shot is the Covid vaccine.On July 1, five people will be selected as grand prize winners of the free-travel year. Each of these five people with one more companion can win a chance to get free tickets of the United Airlines to travel from anywhere to anywhere.

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