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 United Airlines All Set to Buy 15 Ultrafast Airplanes from Boom Technology, Inc.

Air passenger carrier United Airlines is planning to buy 15 Ultrafast airplanes from Boom Supersonic. It is also planning to purchase 35 more supersonic jets in the years to come. The startup Boom Technology’s first passenger supersonic jet, Overture, is not yet built or certified.

The startup is about to start its passenger service in 2029. Its passenger airplane could fly at Mach 1.7 and reduce the time of some flights. The development hints, if the airplane flies from New York to London, the journey will be only 3½ hours.

While announcing the deal, the CEO of United Airlines, Scott Kirby, said the Boom’s future of commercial aviation would give leisure travelers a stellar flight experience.  Kirby is making efforts to bring new opportunities for the airline.United Airlines inclusion of supersonic jets into its service aims to turn friendly skies into Ultrafast skies. The carrier gave the announcement on Thursday of its plan to buy 15 planes from Boom Supersonic.

The terms of sale are not yet disclosed to the media. Both the players believe the deal will benefit them. The Boom Supersonic is a startup founded in 2014. Since its foundation, it has raised $270 million in capital and currently has 150 employees. The new deal with United Airlines is crucial for the startup, according to its Founder & CEO, Blake Scholl.

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