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Type 2 Diabetes is Manageable by Regular Exercise Regimen, States New Study

The impact of Type 2 Diabetes can be controlled by regular exercise. The new study shows evidence that that aerobic exercise improves glycaemic control by increasing insulin sensitivity, amongst other things, which in effect helps your body to control your overall glucose level better. Glycaemia is the medical term for the presence of glucose in the blood. Doctor Shah said that many studies have demonstrated that at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week has the greatest benefit.

Shah also continued that the aerobic activity should be spread out over the week and an effort made to ensure that there are no more than two consecutive days without exercise. Resistance training will have an additional benefit to general cardiovascular health.

A review of 27 randomised-control trials found that high-intensity aerobic exercise lowered blood sugar levels and improved fitness in people with Type 2 Diabetes. Study participants took part in exercise programs that ranged from four weeks to one year in duration.The exercise sessions varied in intensity and occurred between two to five times per week, with each session being 15 to 75 minutes long based on the study.

Researchers measured participants’ blood sugar levels, blood insulin levels and insulin resistance, a marker of diabetes control throughout the studies. Aerobic exercise helped to lower blood sugar and increase fitness levels among participants. According to the NHS, moderate aerobic activity will raise your heart rate, and make you breathe faster and feel warmer. The health body said that to measure the intensity you can talk but not sing during the workout.

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