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Twitter Reverses Change that Turned Embeds of Erased Tweets into Blank Boxes

Twitter has brought back the change that made it hard for people to keep the deleted tweets. Kevin Marks has stated that the company had recently worked on modifying its embedded javascript so the text of the deleted tweet will no longer be visible on the third-party sites. A Twitter user has noticed that the company has reverted the change.

After seeing the Twitter user’s action the company also confirmed its move a day later. A spokesperson said that considering the feedback they received from the users, they are launching this feature back for now while they are still considering different options. The company also appreciate the people who have shared their opinion and their feedback will also help the company to improve and offer a better platform for users.

Eleanor Harding, the Twitter Product manager said that the company made the tweek for the people who have decided to erase their tweets. One of the biggest problems the company faced was the white space where the embed of the erased tweet was available. The product manager also said that they are also planning to launch additional messaging that would also explain why the tweet is no longer visible to other users.

The social media platform did not show different options. For many people this decision to change how the embeds work was a very different one. The social media platform is also introducing the new embedding in 2011 that it wanted to maintain the text of erasing tweets. Jack Dorsey said that they are stressing on the role of the platform as a way of public record.

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