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Twitter is Adding Podcasts to its Platform

Famous Microblogging and Social Networking has announced its plan for entering the podcast industry. The company said that it would incorporate podcasts into its platform as part of the revamped Spaces tab. With the redesign, “Stations” tailored to each user are introduced. These “Stations” compile content based on several categories, such as news, music, sports, and more.

The books you are suggested to read will depend on the subjects and influencers you follow. Users of Twitter can now access a customised selection of recorded and live Spaces. The hubs will also include content from the most popular podcasts from around the world.

The company has also added the feature to like the podcast if the audience likes it. When you initially click the Spaces Tab, the organisation has added three parts. Popular site visitors can listen to numerous topics and Stations by scrolling and using the Stations displayed at the top of the page. These areas are able to highlight some of the best audio content below. Since the social network has been testing a podcast feature for a while, today’s revelation shouldn’t be too shocking.

A tech blog claimed that Twitter was developing a particular podcasts tab. The company has clearly stated that it is more interested in incorporating podcasts into Spaces than in giving them their own area on the website. Twitter is also developing personalised audio digests and audio stations. To assist the users with the material based on their interests, the company is working on suggesting the podcast based on their interests. The company collected internal data, showing that 45% of Twitter users in the U.S. who utilize the service do so monthly.

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