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The Unseen Risk for Unvaccinated People

The country’s declining Covid-19 case rates represent an unrealistically positive outlook for half of the nation as half of it is still not vaccinated. As more people are receiving vaccines, Covid-19 cases are occurring mostly in the even slighter portion of the Unvaccinated population. So, The Washington Post adjusted its case, death, and hospitalization rates to explain the case. It also and found that still in some places, the virus continues to spread among those who have not received a shot.

The rosy national figures showed that declining case numbers led the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to loosen the mask recommendations two weeks ago. President Joe Biden advised the people to take off their masks and smile.

But adjustments for vaccinations show that the rate among vulnerable and Unvaccinated people is 73% higher than the standard figures being exposed in public. With that adjustment, the national death rate is still unevenly the same as it was two months ago and is hardly coming down. The adjusted hospitalization rate is still as high as it was three months ago. However, the case rate is still declining after the adjustment.

 The adjusted rates in several states show that the pandemic is spreading among the Unvaccinated the same way it did during the winter surge. Maine, Colorado, Rhode Island, and Washington states all have Covid-19 case spikes among the Unvaccinated, and the adjusted rates are about double the adjusted national rate. The adjusted rates of Wyoming, West Virginia, Oregon, Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are slightly lower than the highest states.

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