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The Tooth Elements in Humans Discovered

As astronomer Carl Sagan once said, we are genuinely comprised of star stuff. Astronomers have Discovered an element found in human bodies in a galaxy more than 12 billion light-years away for the first time. Fluoride is an element that may be found in our bones and teeth. The components found throughout our solar system, on Earth, and even in our bodies began their lives inside the cores of stars, where they were liberated in stellar explosions.

However, the question of how fluorine was produced in these stars has remained unsolved. Researchers in Chile utilized the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array telescopes to identify fluorine in a very distant star-forming galaxy. Fluorine was found in the NGP-190387 galaxy’s gas clouds as hydrogen fluoride. Because this galaxy’s light has traveled over 12 billion years to reach us, astronomers can see it as it was when the universe was only 1.4 billion years old.

According to the researchers, the stars emitted fluorine throughout the universe lived rapidly and died young, pointing to Wolf-Rayet stars as their likely source. These evolved stars are significant, but they only last a few million years, a little time compared to the 13 billion years our universe has been around. Thus, as they near the conclusion of their lives, only a few massive stars transform into Wolf-Rayets.

This stage lasts a few hundred thousand years, although that’s a relatively brief time in the life of a star. Only one in a hundred million stars is big enough to be a Wolf-Rayet. Researcher previously assumed Wolf-Rayet stars were the most likely sources of fluorine, but this direct detection validates their suspicions.

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