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Tesla is Planning To Commence Production of Robot

The electric vehicle leader has unveiled new information about Optimus. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, on Thursday said that they are planning to start the production of a humanoid robot. The company initially named it as Tesla Bot at AI day.

The company said that it is a machine that performs daily tasks. They are planning to start the production for version one Tesla Bot next year. Twitter stake holder musk said that they are also opening a new production unit in Texas. He appeared symbolic in Cowboy hat and sunglasses to Dr.Dre’s. The company didn’t not reveal a working model of robot and it is not clear how the Tesla bot will be and what stage it is.

The CEO also said that the Tesla Bot can perform all the tasks that humans don’t want to do. The robot is claimed to bring an age of abundance. Musk believes that this new invention will transform the world to a greater level than the cars and mobile phones did. He also added that the change the robot is going to bring is hard to imagine and comprehend.AI is considered as the biggest danger to humanity and he said it is more hazardous than Nuclear weapons. Musk is currently focussing to make Optimus safe for mankind. Elon Musk made an announcement that the company is working on a new robot so that humans can escape from it or even overpower it.

Musk revealed a few details that the robot will be functioning with the same chips and sensors used for the Electric cars. The chips are only used for self-driving features of the vehicles. It is nearly five foot eight inches tall and also has a screen at head-height for more useful information. People also thought that the Tesla bot was more than other Artificial Intelligence Recruitment tools. The company is mainly focussing on manufacturing robots. This will be nee product development this year.

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