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Supplies & Workers Shortage Bound to Extend Gulf Rebuilding

Joe Sobol has addressed the recent concerns of homeowners who have been seeking help about roofs damaged after hurricane Ida. Joe Sobol is the owner of Big Easy Construction based in New Orleans. Homeowners that have been struggling with damage fixing or renovations have faced challenges as their pre-storm work has been put on hold.

As Ida disrupted along the Gulf Coast, continuing its destruction in Northeast, building contractors were impacted brutally. The contractors had already been struggling with a severe Shortage of construction workers and paralyzed supply chains. The pre-existing challenges have been amplified due to the disruptions of Ida.

With contractors and construction companies struggling over enough skilled workforce along with supplies, the associated costs are expected to skyrocket. Ultimately this will enhance the complexities of planning, eventually delaying any reconstruction activities for at least months. The damage of a natural calamity is extremely serious and therefore hard to recover from. For instance, Hurricane Laura ripped Louisiana a year ago.

The damage it caused to Lake Charles, Louisiana that is located 200 miles from the region, still hasn’t recovered.Ida has added to the already scrutinized construction sector after the pandemic hit the nation in 2020. The construction companies endured a brief yet brutal recession during the pandemic. However, the economy bounced back surprisingly rapidly and with a much more robust business.As many of the businesses were not prepared for the soaring demand, the scenario quickly adapted to new challenges that arose due to the Shortage of workforce and materials.

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