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Starfield Gameplay Revealed For First Time At Xbox

Starfield is a highly anticipated game, as it is Bethesda Game Studios’ first single-player RPG in over seven years. On June 12, it was the final game featured at the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. We got a long look at the game, including combat, ship development, and the surroundings. It’s building out to be a massive game, as seen by the size of the chunk allocated to it during the expo.

Microsoft wrapped off its presentation with the first-ever Starfield gameplay. Todd Howard of Bethesda exposed fans to a sequence set in the year 2330 on the planet Kreet. The gameplay clip shows the player entering a space station and defeating adversaries with a machine pistol and, subsequently, a powerful shotgun in first-person mode.

A lock-picking gameplay concept and some third-person shooting scenes were also demonstrated. New Atlantis, the game’s capital city, seems to be a large, bustling city where players will take missions and learn more about the universe, according to the clip. The movie also showed off Starfield character creation system, which Howard described as Bethesda’s most comprehensive ever.

Players can also choose from a variety of extra qualities, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Furthermore, Starfield will allow users to design and modify their own space ships, which they can then sail. Howard also mentioned that Starfield includes around 1,000 planets, each of which is open and ready for players to explore while addressing the game’s scale.

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