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Sony VENICE 2 with 8.6K Internal RAW Recording

Sony unveils the VENICE 2, the successor to the company’s first full-frame cinema camera. It features 8.6K capture, 16-stops of dynamic range, and the ability to interchange sensors between models for added versatility.The VENICE 2 builds on what is found in the original Venice — such as the colour science, Dual Base ISO, and 8-stops of built-in neutral density (ND) filters — and focuses on a few areas of targeted improvement. It has a more compact design, internal recording, and the option for two different sensors: the new 8.6K sensor or the original 6K Venice Sensor.

Specifically, with the new 8.6K sensor (8640 x 5760), Sony says that the VENICE 2 offers 16-stops of total latitude in dynamic range, which is one more stop over the 6K sensor. The company says that combined with the colour science of the original Venice, the new sensor can capture images and skin tones with excellent colour separation and shadow detail.

The 8.6K VENICE 2 can shoot in four separate modes: 8.6K (3:2) at 30 frames per second in full-frame, 8.2K (17:9) at up to 60 frames per second in full-frame, 5.8K (6.5 anamorphic) at up to 48 frames per second in Super35, and 5.8K (17:9) at up to 90 frames per second in Super35.

The VENICE 2 adds what Sony is billing as a “unique feature,” which is the ability to swap the sensor block and use either Venice sensor. The camera body automatically recognizes the change and will start up without any firmware exchanges or re-installs, which Sony says adds more flexibility on-site. The original 6K sensor may be desired by some cinematographers as it allows for higher frame rates.

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