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Sony Shuts Little Big Planet After Months of Trouble

Sony has decided to permanently shut down the servers for the original three Little Big Planet games on Playstation 3 and the handheld on the Playstation Vita.  The new status quo vacates the original PS3 trilogy of Little Big Planet games and the Vita version playable as offline single-player or multiplayer experiences only, with purchased and already downloaded DLC also usable.

Any user-created content belonging to Sony and original developer Media Molecule’s famous action-platforming series will only be accessible on the newly updated Playstation 4 version of Little Big Planet 3. The server shutdown also means that anyone stuck with older PS3 versions of the games are unable to upload or download new user-created levels from now on.

Sony made a statement that they are sure that the news will come as a big disappointment to customers. This is the best way to protect the community and to help ensure that our online community environment remains safe. Suddenly closing up Little Big Planet servers appears to be motivated by Sony’s ongoing difficulties with the games’ online component.

In March 2020, the Little Big Planet servers were temporarily taken down due to DDoS attacks. Players have also reported offensive messages appearing in-game, seemingly placed there by hackers. developers tried to address some of the server issues with security updates in April of this year, IGN writes. The problem appears to be larger than something a small update can fix.

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