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Sony Reveals a New Version of Portable Speakers

Sony has recently revealed a cheaper model of its portable speaker that looks like a lamp. People will be able to order the LSPX-S3 glass sound speakers in August 2021.According to Sony, the Bluetooth-enabled device features an organic glass tweeter along with three actuators that enable it to produce sound in all directions.

The company claims that the tweeter produces pure and potent high tones and spreads the sound evenly throughout a particular space where they are placed. The LSPX-S3 has a 46 mm speaker unit, and you can regulate the different levels through the Sony Music Center app.

It also has LDAC support for high-resolution audio. The speaker won’t light up the entire room, but the flaming candlelight style of illumination is designed to provide a cozy atmosphere for nighttime reading. The LED can pulse in sync along with music, and there are some lighting modes available as well as different brightness levels. There is another option to link the two units for a stereophonic playback, and it can form a part of a multi-room audio system.

In addition to this, the speaker has an in-built microphone used for calls, a metal base, and a bottom made of fabric.Almost six years ago, Sony first released a prototype for such a stylish product. The company had released the LSPX-S2 in Japan in the year 2019 and brought it to the US just the next year. The LSPX-S3 will cost around $350, which is around $100 cheaper than the previously released model.

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