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Search Engine Giant Issues Warning for Chrome Browser

The search giant asks people to update their Chrome browser to fix the vulnerability. The company released the 99.0.4844.84 Chrome update for many users worldwide. Microsoft Edge is also affected by a flaw that is described as severe. Microsoft Edge uses chromium open source code from Google.

Microsoft has issued a patch. The search engine giant recently said that access to the details about the bug may be kept restricted until the majority of updates with the fix. To download the update they can click on three dots which can be seen in the upper right-hand corner and select the help option. Then you can select the about in google Chrome or Microsoft edge. This will display if there is a new update.

The search Engine Giant’s threat analysis group discovered the bug being abused on February 10.  They also said that it was exploited on January 4. Microsoft also said that Lapsus$ was connected to the new issue. Lapsus$, the cybercriminal gang was associated with many crimes. The admission came after the cybercriminal gang bragged on various social media sites like telegram and others. They discussed stealing Bing and Cortana’s source code. On Windows 10 in S Mode and on devices with the Memory Integrity Core Isolation feature, which relies on virtualization-based security, the functionality will be activated by default.

Google maps are widely used in many locations. Google maps are used by commoners to navigate to a new location, check the traffic, and for estimating time. Now Google has attempted to remove fake profiles that are active in the dark internet.

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