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Samsung’s Next Foldables look Leaked In Marketing Renders

At 91Mobiles, Leaked Evan Blass has posted a plethora of photographs that appear to be legitimate and show the two phones from practically every aspect, including both their folded and unfolded positions. Black, beige, and grey appear to be the available colour options for the Z Fold 4, whereas there are four for the Z Flip 4. (black, gold, blue, and purple).

However, you could be let down if your expectations for either device’s design were too high in comparison to those of previous year’s versions. Right down to the camera bumps and the black strip across the top of the Z Flip’s back, both devices seem to have absorbed stylistic cues that are essentially identical.

It’s impossible to see if the inner display will once again have an under-display selfie camera, which performed poorly on last year’s phone, because of the Fold 4’s black background. The pictures don’t provide a clear indication of whether the Z Fold 4 will have the previously speculated built-in attachment for a S Pen stylus.

However, the lack of significant design modifications does not preclude beneficial enhancements for this year’s foldables. First off, one source stated the Z Flip 4 will have a bigger secondary display on its outside and that the Z Flip 4’s folding display may have been updated to result in a less noticeable crease down the centre of the screen when unfolded. Android 12L, an update to Google’s mobile operating system that contains enhancements particularly tailored for large-screen smartphones, may also bring about software changes for the Z Fold 4.

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