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Researchers are Happy with the Scientific Methodology used in the US COVID Origins Study

COVID 19’s origins were discussed by FBI and CIA officials in New Orleans, Louisiana, last month. They had PhDs in molecular biology and studied all the publications in-depth, he claims.

Earlier this month, US President Joe Biden authorized a 90-day inquiry by US intelligence agencies into the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Garry, a researcher at Tulane University didn’t know what direction the private inquiry would go, but he believed that a scientific approach was vital to the investigation. The agents talked to him about coronavirus evolution research, including his own.

Earlier this week, on August 24, Biden got the investigation’s secret findings, and today, an unclassified version of the study was released. The probe came up empty-handed.One thing is certain: the coronavirus was not created as a biological weapon. On behalf of the intelligence community, I am pleased to announce that we will be releasing additional information about our investigation in the near future.

Garry thinks the report is better than he had hoped for it to be. That would be a big deal, he adds, since it would rule out the possibility that this is an engineering project. They are not shocked that the intelligence community has yet to answer the puzzle of how COVID-19 got started, because epidemic origin studies are notoriously difficult.Avril Haines, a senior US intelligence official, warned of this possibility in an interview with Yahoo News on June 30. She observed at the time that both sides had valid points to make.

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