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Research finds lower cancer arte in American Hispanic People

A research study has found that Hispanic people in US are less likely to develop cancer but they are much more likely to develop preventable cancers. The occurrence of liver and stomach cancer were two times higher in Hispanic people than the White Americans.

The main cause of Liver cancer is the increase of Hepatitis infection whereas stomach cancer is caused by bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori. However, both of these infections are preventable as they can be caught early. The problems like lack of routine health care and ignorance to cancer screening can cause these types of cancers.

The Hispanic people in US are the largest number of people who do not have health insurance according to the authors who conducted the study. For conducting the study, the authors used the government databases to look at the rates of cancer in the people of America. The study found that there were from 2014 to 2019 there were 25-30% lower rate of death and cancer occurrences in the Hispanic people comparative to the White Americans. About a third quarter of Hispanic people are born in foreign countries and these foreign born Hispanic people have substantially low amounts of death related to cancer.

But, the case is opposite in Hispanic women. The women are more likely to develop cervical cancer that the White American women. And the on-going pandemic may worsen the disparities. The study is published in the journal named, A Cancer Journal for Physicians

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