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Professor says America will be a Fierce Competitor to Beijing in COVID vaccine Diplomacy

The U.S- China may formidably compete with each other in the Covid-19 vaccines diplomacy. It has been reported that China has been the major vaccine supplier to developing countries. This effort of China could enable the country to dominate or influence the world.

This will allow China to strengthen its ties with another developing world. But an expert in the field of health governance and policies, while responding to a news agency in an interview said, U.S has also entered the market to donate millions of vaccines to other countries. He told Jo Biden intends to more in the vaccine donation to the other countries.

Hence, China will face a more formidable Competitor, pointed out Yanzhong Huang, the senior official at the Council on Foreign Relations. Over the past few months, China has been the major supplier of the Covid-19 vaccine, according to a senior official. China became the major global Competitor in providing the vaccines as India halted its vaccine exports.

India had taken this step to supplying the vaccine for domestic needs. According to the official, the supply of vaccines is also limited from Russia that made China the major provider.According to several recent reports, the U.S is ramping up its efforts to supply maximum vaccines overseas. According to reports, in a meeting at the G7 summit, President Joe Biden is going to announce that the country is going to buy 500 million additional doses of Pfizer BioNTech, which will be shared with COVAX.

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