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Private Relay for Apple Users Launching Soon

While Apple’s Private Relay is on the way, not everyone will want to pay up for iCloud+ to take advantage of its features or even wait for it to come. So here’s how to utilize a VPN right now on your iPhone or iPad. Apple launched its Private Relay service as part of its iCloud bundle, including Hide My Email, to make online browsing safer and more private for iPhone and iPad customers.

While Private Relay is a vital component, many users may already be benefiting from increased online privacy and security by using a VPN service. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection is a method of routing your Internet traffic through a secure online gateway. The encrypted data from your device is kept secret and safe from prying eyes by anyone trying to listen in on the connection since it is encrypted before being sent to the VPN service and vice versa.

This may seem overkill for home network users, but it could be pretty helpful in public places. For example, let’s imagine you’re connected to a free Wi-Fi network at a cafe, but the Wi-Fi access point is malicious. MITM attacks won’t work with a VPN since everything traveling through the access point is encrypted and out of reach once the encrypted connection is established.

There’s also the added security and convenience of having your connection appear to originate from another city or country, thanks to a VPN that can hide your actual location. Unfortunately, this has the unintended consequence of allowing users to view websites as if they were in a different country, altering the user experience and perhaps giving access to restricted content in certain areas.

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