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Planet Saturn to be Seen Nearest to Earth on Monday

This month, the ringed Planet Saturn, already one of the solar system’s most spectacular spectacles, will glow even brighter. The planet will align with the Earth and the sun at roughly 1 a.m. on Monday, August 2, in an event known as “opposition.” The sixth planet will be at its closest approach to Earth at this time, and will be at its brightest. The writer’s recommendation is as follows: While you read, turn on this appropriate Texas music.

There’s no better way to be hyped for a great planet sighting than by doing this. From August 1 to August 4, Saturn will be at its brightest. According to, Saturn will be at opposition to the Sun on August 2 and will shine as brightly as the similarly yellow-hued star Capella at magnitude +0.1. Early Monday morning, Saturn will reach its brightest point around 2 a.m. EDT (1 a.m. local time). You don’t want to get up at 1 a.m. on Monday? We can’t say we blame you.

If you miss the ringed planet at its brightest, don’t worry: it will continue to glow brightly in the night sky throughout August. reported, “Don’t worry about exact times too much. Just know that – in early August 2021 – Saturn is generally opposite the sun in Earth’s sky. At opposition, Saturn rises in the east around sunset, climbs highest up for the night around midnight and sets in the west around sunrise. When opposite the sun, Saturn is visible all night and at its brightest seen from Earth.”

First and foremost, even though Planet Saturn will be in opposition, it will be difficult to tell it apart from other celestial bodies in the night sky. Squinting can be avoided with a good pair of binoculars or a telescope.

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