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Pizza Hut to Appoint New President On Board From January 2022

Pizza Hut US, the subsidiary of Louisville, Ky.-based Yum! Brands will is going to appoint a new president about to take charge of office from January 2022. has promoted David Graves to be the new president US. David Graves will succeed now serving Kevin Hochman. He is been serving as an interim president from 2019.

Mr. Graves will take in-charge of new responsibilities. He will look upon driving profit of the stores, franchise operations and will be responsible for the business of Pizza Hut all over US. He has previously joined as a chief brand officer and is now the manager of Pizza Hut US.

Before joining Pizza Hut he has worked with KFC US for several years leading the marketing operations and food innovation. His contribution led to increased profits and turnaround of KFC. Also, he has led many brands and innovation in consumer packaged goods space. David is well-known for delivering good business results and demonstrating his expertise in identifying solutions for various business challenges.

His solutions have not only enhanced customer experience but also have benefited restaurant economics.Evaluating his past performances with different brands and current performance working with Pizza Hut has been the key in decision to make David the next President of the brand. Mr. David worked amazing in reinvigorating, bring innovation, and present the brand forward in a new way.

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