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Pixel’s 6 Can be Lagging Due to Enhanced Security Says Google

Google launched Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, but their fingerprint scanners are highly complained about by the users.Since the Pixel 6 release in October, users said that unreliable fingerprint scanner makes the phone a hassle to unlock.

Google has finally responded to those complaints, and while it provided an explanation, it didn’t really offer any solid solution. Google attributes the issue to the enhanced security algorithms that the Pixel 6’s fingerprint scanner uses.

Google says that these security measures can make your fingerprint take longer to verify or require more direct contact with the sensor. Then provides a link to a Google support page that really doesn’t offer much help, besides suggesting to ensure your fingers are clean and that you’re using a finger that you’ve registered with the phone.

The Pixel 6 uses an under-the-screen optical fingerprint scanner instead of a fast ultrasonic one like the Samsung Galaxy S21, which some users say could be the reason behind the sensor’s poor performance. Many users on Reddit say that the optical fingerprint scanner works fine on their OnePlus phones, possibly indicating a software issue specific to the Pixel 6.

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