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Periodic Table for Cell Nuclei Constructed by Biologists

One hundred fifty years ago, Dmitri Mendeleev created the Periodic Table, a system for classifying all the atoms on the basis of the features of their Nuclei.

This week, a team of Biologists is studying the tree of life, and it has unveiled a new classification system for Cell Nuclei and revealed a method for transforming one type of Cell Nuclei into another.The study in which it appears this week is the journal Science which has emerged from quite a few once-separate efforts. One of these is arranged on the DNA Zoo, which is an international grouping with a leg on each side of dozens of institutions.

These institutes include the Baylor College of Medicine, the National Science Foundation-supported Center for Theoretical Biological Physics (CTBP) at Rice University, the University of Western Australia, and SeaWorld.Scientists on the DNA Zoo team had been working together to classify how the chromosomes, which can be quite a few meters long, fold up to fit inside the Nuclei of different species from all across the tree of life.

Ultimately, the team realized that it was just sighted variants on two overall Nuclei designs. Dudchenko, the co-director of DNA Zoo explained that in some species, chromosomes are organized like such that they seem like the pages of a printed newspaper, with the outer margins on one side and the folded middle on the other. He further added that in other species, each chromosome is lined up into a shape of a little ball.

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