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Pentagon Introduces Robotics  Enabled Gun Dogs

Pentagon has introduced a new version of robot dog or quadrupedal unmanned ground vehicle (Q-UGV). The new version was revealed at the Association of the US Army’s annual convention, Washington. The US Air Force base already has one such version of (Q-UGV). The service uses it for perimeter patrolling. This new introduction by the US Army is believed to be the next step in the era of drone soldiers and robot enabled mobile infantry.

The robot enabled war dogs are a top mounted weapon systems. It can be used as special purpose unmanned rifle.The rifle can be operated remotely and its effectiveness is already being tested by the US military. The US Air force base in Florida is the first unit to integrate the rifle into its regular operations. The unit uses it to patrol the base’s perimeter and navigate swampy areas.

Thus the rifle is proving to be beneficial to the service.Along with remote video an mapping, the robot dogs can also be used as mobile cell towers, for diffusing bombs, and do other critical operations saving life of humans.  Quadrupedal robot is the latest innovation in Robotics.

The design is small and nimble and also be used for targeting in dark. The rifle has a range of 1,200 meters. Ghost Robotics has designed the new version. Ghost Robotics is a Philadelphia based company known for designing state of the art Q-UGV legged Robots. It designs Robotics solutions for its commercial and military partners.

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