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PC Gamers can get Stuff from IKEA now

IKEA is recognized for its low-cost furniture that requires self-assembly. The business is bringing the similar sensibilities to gaming furniture and accessories with the Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand, which it is producing in collaboration with ASUS. In October 2021, IKEA will release a slew of gaming accessories and furniture. The furniture is a touch more understated in appearance than you’d expect from gaming furniture. It’s busier than your normal IKEA piece, but it won’t be as noticeable as some other brands.

IKEA will release six different gamer-focused product lines in total. The UPPSPEL, LNESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UTESPELARE, and HUVUDSPELARE are among the UPPSPEL, LNESPELARE, MATCHSPEL, GRUPPSPEL, UTESPELARE, and HUVUDSPELARE. The company produces around 30 products, including furniture and accessories. This is in addition to the FREDDE desk and the LNESPELARE ring light with a phone holder, which are both currently available.

The low-cost UTESPELARE gaming chair costs $129, while the high-end GRUPPSPEL gaming chair costs $349, with additional versions falling somewhere in between. In addition, the UTESPELARE gaming workstation is available in black and white for $159. The UPPSPEL Gaming Workstation is the top-of-the-line adjustable desk, and it costs $599. There are also a variety of fascinating accessories available from the brand. A gaming pegboard, an accessory organizer, mousepads, posters, and a variety of other items are included.

Only the UPPSPEL was made in collaboration with ASUS ROG, while the rest was created using data gathered from gamers. Overall, it appears that IKEA is aggressively investing in the gaming industry, and the company already has several great products on the market.

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