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Oreo Cookies Undergoing Price Increases Test to Fight  Inflation

American companies are opening up to test the amount and effect of their pricing power. Due to rising costs for materials, transportation, and workers, many companies are charging more for their products, ranging from metal fasteners to Oreo Cookies, helping to fuel Inflation like the United States has not seen in more than a decade.

As customers have accepted the price treks, some more prominent companies have said that they are expecting to raise the prices of the products even more. However, others are more careful and rather uncertain if the consumers in the United States have the appetite to absorb such additional increases.

Fastenal Co., a chief distributor of industrial supplies such as nuts and bolts, and Conagra Brands Inc., a food corporation, demonstrate the pricing dance being played out all across the biggest firms of the United States.Both the companies are passing along very high costs to the customers. They also have different views about what will happen next in the coming future.

Fastenal has charged its customers with enough extra price in the first half of the year to balance out its own higher costs of the products. But the company has warned about its ability to keep pace along with the costs as they could lag behind within the coming months because the customer contracts will put out limits on the price increases.How hard companies are continuing to raise the prices and how well they will succeed is the main focus of the current concern about Inflation.

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