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Oregon Health Authorities Reports 5 New Deaths in Lane County 

Oregon Health Authorities reported five deaths in Lane county besides 300 more new cases on Monday as new cases got reported amidst Covid-19 flare-up. The death toll in Lane County currently reached 186. Statewide, over 3,0000 people have died as of August 23. There are 116 people hospitalized in the County as of Monday with COVID-19.

Out of those times, 43 are in the ICU; 22 are on ventilators. Only 52 of the 116 people receiving hospital care in the County are from here. The others are from outside of the County. Lane County is considered part of Region 3 in Oregon, which also includes Douglas, Coos, and Curry counties. As of Monday, Oregon Health authorities say there are only seven more adult ICU beds available across those four counties – 7% of the total beds. There are 85 non-ICU beds available, roughly 13% of the total beds.

Douglas County reported 136 new cases on Monday. There are currently 78 Douglas County residents hospitalized with COVID-19; of those, 13 are hospitalized outside of the County, which also includes two sent out-of-state for specialized care. The County said 12 patients are in the ICU at Mercy Medical Center, and 12 are on ventilators. The County noted that 69 of the 78 people in the hospital were not vaccinated against COVID-19. The County’s death toll surged to 116 over the weekend.

Hospitals have already postponed elective surgeries to maintain or create space to care for emergency patients. Doctors and public health officials note that delaying elective surgeries will have impacts on people awaiting heart valve replacement or the removal of a cancerous tumor.

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