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Oppo Unveils its First Foldable Smartphone

Oppo has teased its first foldable smartphone nearly three years after it unveiled a prototype device. The Find N looks like a device along the lines of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold lineup, created after four years of intense R&D and six generations of prototypes. The launch is set to occur at Oppo Inno Day on December 15th.

Oppo didn’t reveal any processor, display, or other specs of the Find N, other than showing an image and video. The company feels that the device feels good in the hand and will be simple to use in both the open and closed positions. It also said that it had solved any screen creasing and durability issues inherent in folding smartphones.

The company best known for folding smartphones is Samsung, with both the Fold and Flip devices. It took Samsung three generations to work out significant kinks in the Fold lineup, but the latest Fold 3 model will still need work. Oppo has played things differently by waiting to release its first model, presumably until it felt it had ironed out any significant issues.

On top of the Find N, Oppo is set to reveal other products, having teased a “cutting-edge” neural processing unit (NPU) and smart glasses. The latter will presumably succeed last year’s  AR Glass 2021, developer-only Wayfarer-type glasses with 0.71-inch OLED panels meant to be connected to Android devices via a USB cable. It teased the new model with a “light vs. light” tagline, so they might be lightweight models aimed at consumers, not just developers.

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