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NYC witnesses Temporary Morgue Reminding of Pandemic Pain

As per the trusted reports, in the previous month, a few mourners gathered around a freshly dug grave to bury four people who were cast into limbo as the New York city has been witnessing rising cases of COVID-19.

Each of these four people were among the hundreds of individuals whose bodies have been kept in a temporary Morgue that was created at the height of city’s COVID-19 crisis in the previous year, and 200 bodies were still remaining among which, not all of them died due to the pandemic.

The temporary Morgue that has been created on a pier in Brooklyn over an industrial part is away from the sight and mind from the people who have been gathering and celebrating the progress made by the country against the pandemic over the last few months. The states are dropping off the restrictions and celebrating on the fourth of July by setting fireworks and other celebratory. But the Morgue facility which is on the verge of closing by the end of summer is reminder of people’s losses over the past year.

Staten Island’s public administrator of estates, Edwina Frances Martin told to the friends of the people who lost their closed ones due to the virus, that they lived along with their friends and families. As now, they are apart from the family, we are the part of their families.The number of deaths caused due to the corona virus reached at a high point of 800 a day, added a health official.

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