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Nintendo Switch Update Allows Users to Create Folders

The Nintendo Switch finally allows users to create folders of games called groups. This \feature was added in Nintendo Switch Version 14.0.0 update with the improvements to Bluetooth audio volume and lets users create up to 100 groups with a max of 200 games per group.

Users need to scroll to the right and select All Software to utilize this new feature. Then they will press the L Button to view games by the group. When you perform this action for the first time, users will be instigated with a pop-up that will let you create your first one.

Then users can see the groups displayed. Users can name a group, rearrange the titles, and sort where it sits in your list of groups. These groups can only be seen once you head to All Software and can’t be put on the homepage.

This new update allows for the volume of Bluetooth audio devices to be adjusted by either the Switch or the control buttons on the device itself. The volume displayed on the console will reflect the proper volume even when changing it on the device, and the maximum volume for some Bluetooth audio devices has been increased.

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