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Nintendo Switch to Finally Support Bluetooth Audio 

Nintendo has announced that Bluetooth audio support has come to the Switch through a software update. This announcement launches the ability of the Bluetooth headphones to listen to game audio has been a conspicuously missing feature since the console launched in 2017.

The company also launched with few limitations. In the Nintendo, support article users are limited to using two wireless controllers if they have got a Bluetooth headset attached. The system also won’t support Bluetooth microphones because Nintendo own voice chat system relies on an app running on your phone. This is disappointing for people who play games with their own built-in voice chat abilities.

Users have strived to get wireless audio on their Switch. The company said it was a selling point for a Switch Pro. Some accessories acted as Bluetooth audio adapters, and some headsets like the SteelSeries Arctis 1 Wireless come with a dongle that had Switch’s support for USB wireless headphones.

This feature is a big advantage for the ones considering Nintendo Pro Controller. Even with the limitations, the feature seems to be well-supported. The company says that the Switch can save up to 10 connected devices and says that it should work with both the regular Switch and the Switch Lite.When tested the new feature, it was easily connected to connect his AirPods Pro to his base Switch and a Switch Lite without much trouble. In the settings menu, there’s a section for Bluetooth Audio, and users can pair their headphones from there by following the instructions. The new update also adds some features to make wired internet more useful.

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