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Monroe County Emphasizes on Children’s Safety in Covid-19

Monroe County health commissioner is reminding the parents and guardians of young children to ensure that those aged under 12 continue to follow all the Covid-19 safety guidance issued by the WHO.Dr. Michael Mendoza said that a possible outburst amongst the children could cause vulnerable adults with weaker immune systems, including unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated.

Dr. Mendoza said in a statement that these children are not yet suitable for getting the vaccination, and studies have shown that they could be mainly inclined to the Delta variant if it finds a way of entering into the community. Most of the people around the world are, right now, enjoying an interval from the pandemic, but it is not yet over. Therefore, everyone should follow the existing guidelines to prevent another surge in the cases.

If the parents notice that their kids are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, they are advised to readily seek help from their nearest primary health care providers and get them tested immediately. They should also be kept away from school, camps, or childcare if they show any similar symptoms.Unvaccinated children are advised to always wear a face mask while in an indoor public setting and practice social distancing. Masks are also recommended when children are in childcare and camp settings.

Dr. Mendoza said that the Contact Tracing Team is working closely along with schools and camps to help them prevent the spread of Covid-19 cases and limit the number of unvaccinated people required to be quarantined as a result of exposure to Covid-19.

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