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Microsoft Uses the Same Windows 10 Taskbar for New Update

Microsoft is continuing to add new features to their brand-new flagship OS that will give users a little bit more freedom with their system, including stickers for personalization of your desktop in addition to being able to hide your taskbar. These features were rolled out on Windows Insider dev channel builds of the Windows 11 OS.

They also added the users that this might not actually make it into the official release, but we can’t see why little quality of life features might not make it into the final release, but it’s ultimately down to Microsoft to make the last call.

The first of the two new features poised to come to Windows 11 is wallpaper customization, where you can configure stickers on your desktop using a brand-new Sticker Editor app, and they are also able to persist between changes in your wallpaper if you don’t use Slideshow, Fill Fit and have a single monitor.

This is one of those things that Microsoft may want to address with tuning in future builds before finally bringing it over to a release build of the OS. The text alludes to using Windows 11 on a tablet. It also has other features that focus on Notifications, Focus and Energy Consumption, all of which corroborate the idea of Windows 11 coming to Tablet and Hybrid devices in the future.

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