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Microsoft Unveils New Outlook Beta for Windows

The revamped Outlook beta app for Windows is now available. Microsoft is giving Office Insiders in the Beta channel an improved version of the Outlook desktop software for Windows. To be clear, this is an upgrade to Outlook, not a replacement for the Mail program that comes standard with Windows 11. The updated app is largely identical to the leaked version from a few weeks ago, although there are a few key alterations.

Microsoft has released more information about the new update for windows 11. The company also added about windows 11 chances of hybrid work, system-wide improvements to video calling tools on computers. The company has announced other changes to file explorer.

The company released a new announcement that they have redesigned the file explorer and allow the users to see all the files in one place. The users will also be able to pin their favorite files and create tabs that allow them to access the most visited folders easily. The company recently released a video that shows all the new updates. The video shows that users right-click on the file and add that to favorites to pin it at the top. If the users wish to pin many folders on the top, they can select the plus symbol at the top left of the windows.

The company also added the touch snap layouts to allow users to easily arrange the apps on smart devices. Microsoft has named the new update Windows 11. This is the more accessible and inclusive version of windows. The company also added that the live captions feature would transcribe all the audio on your computer.

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