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Microsoft Tests Windows 11 Store That Won’t Update Apps

On Windows 11, Microsoft is Tests several enhancements to the Microsoft Store that will improve how updates are handled. Some store applications are now closing and reopening while being updated, which means you might lose work if you entered the Microsoft Store and choose update apps. Microsoft is currently Tests a change to the Store that would bypass updates for open applications.

The store update also features improved navigation, which should make finding programs to download and install on Windows 11 a bit easier. Along with these navigation enhancements, Microsoft is offering native Arm64 compatibility, which will make the Microsoft Store quicker on devices like the Surface Pro X.

Finally, Microsoft is adding support for Android apps to its pop-up shop. If you’re exploring the web and come across an Android app in the Amazon Appstore, Windows 11 will provide a pop-up store experience that allows you to install it instantly. This latest Microsoft Store upgrade is now available in the Dev channel for Windows Insiders, and it will be rolled out to all Windows 11 users in the coming months. Microsoft is also experimenting with a new restoration function for the Microsoft Store, which will allow Windows 11 users to rapidly reinstall the software on a new PC.

Windows Autopatch, a service that keeps Windows and Microsoft 365 applications up to date in commercial situations, has officially entered public preview, according to Microsoft. This enterprise service was initially revealed in April, when Redmond stated that it will be accessible to all Microsoft customers with a Windows 10/11 Enterprise E3 licence or above in July 2022.

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