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Microsoft Apps getting new Design for Windows 11

We’ve already heard a lot about what Windows 11 and the new Microsoft Store will bring. The Start Menu, Action Center, and other areas of Windows 11 get a new look. Several Microsoft-developed apps are also getting a makeover, as is to be anticipated. Windows 11 is the overall design, and it uses Microsoft’s Fluent Design and Mica to provide a cleaner, more consistent experience.

Sharp corners are replaced with rounded corners to provide a “more human and approachable language” that improves productivity and multitasking. In addition, Microsoft is reportedly preparing to introduce Fluent and WinUI designs to all essential programs, including Photos, Paint, and even Notepad, ahead of the October release of Windows 11.

Microsoft publicly previewed a new design for Windows 11 Photos, Notepad, and Paint apps on June 24. In addition, calculator and PowerToys, two of the most popular Windows tools, are getting a new look. Microsoft made the code for Windows Calculator public in 2019 and made it available on GitHub under the permissive MIT license.With community feedback, Windows Calculator is now publicly maintained. Microsoft has stated in a recent roadmap update shared on Github that the Calculator app’s existing design will be modified to meet the latest Fluent Design and WinUI requirements, such as rounded corners and transparency effect. In addition, Microsoft will include a new settings page in the next major update, containing additional app customization options.

Microsoft is also transferring the codebase to C#, in addition to a new design. Microsoft presently offers a suite of utilities known as PowerToys, as you’re undoubtedly aware. This app was first released for Windows 95, but it was later updated for Windows 10/11 to provide more advanced functionality. New tools are being developed, and Microsoft recently launched a function that allows you to turn on the “always-on” mode.

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