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Meta is Testing End-to-End Encryption

In Quest’s VR Messenger app, Meta is experimenting with optional end-to-end Encryption. In a blog post, Meta stated that it is testing end-to-end Encryption in Quest’s VR Messenger app. The firm is introducing optional end-to-end Encryption for Messenger’s one-on-one texts and calls in VR with the introduction of this test. As part of the new v40 software upgrade, the test is being rolled out. It’s unknown how many individuals will be able to test the functionality or how consumers will be able to participate.

Meta Platforms, Inc has decided to take nearly forty-seven percent on the sale of digital assets on the Horizon Platforms. The virtual reality platform is the main plan of the company’s plan for starting metaverse. The company made this announcement in its blog post on Monday.

The company said that they are planning to let a handful of virtual reality creators sell their assets within the world. They could also include Non Fungible Tokens. The company failed to mention in the blog post about the money Meta will charge creators for selling their assets. A spokesperson said that the company has decided to take forty-seven percent on each transaction. This includes the hardware platform fee which is nearly thirty percent of the total sales made in the Meta Quest Stores, This is the platform where they sells apps and games for virtual reality headsets. The Horizon Platform will charge nearly seventeen percent fee.

This size of the cut outraged people in the community. One user wrote on twitter that they hate Facebook. Another user said if the company wants forty-seven percent  of Non Fungible token sales they have to talk to the IRS. They dont have that after taxes. Other places like OpenSea takes nearly 2.5%  for each transaction and LooksRare charges nearly 2%.

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