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MagSafe Battery Pack Says iPhone 12 can Reverse Wireless Charge

Apple unveiled a new MagSafe Battery Pack on Tuesday, an official power bank for the iPhone 12 series. The attachment, which is now available for purchase on Apple’s website, appears to validate long-held speculation that the iPhone 12 would support reverse wireless charging. Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is based on the new MagSafe technology, first launched with the iPhone 12 last year.

It combines magnets and NFC technology to allow users to perfectly connect accessories to the back of the iPhone and charge the device quickly via inductive charging. To utilize the external battery, place the MagSafe Battery Pack on the back of the iPhone rather than plugging in a wire or connecting it to the iPhone via Lightning. Other MagSafe compatible accessories are already available on the market, but users may now get an official Apple solution.

Apple claims that consumers may recharge the MagSafe Battery Pack’s internal battery using the built-in Lightning connector in a support article released earlier today. This can be done regardless of whether or not the attachment is linked to the iPhone. Apple doesn’t directly state that the MagSafe Battery Pack and the iPhone 12 use reverse wireless charging technology. Still, it’s strongly implied when Apple says that you may plug the Lightning cable into the iPhone, and it will deliver power to the external battery via the MagSafe.

Reverse wireless charging, for those unaware, is a technique that allows users to use a wireless charger to charge their phone and charge an accessory or even other devices by placing it on the back of the phone.

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