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Li-Cycle to Construct a Recycling Unit in Alabama

Li-Cycle Holding Corps announced on Wednesday that the company will set up a recycling plant in Alabama. The development of the plant will address the challenge associated with the increasing volume of lithium-ion battery waste generated in the U.S. Southeast. It will allow electric vehicle manufacturers to re-use the lithium-ion battery scrap.

The recycling unit that is to be set up in Tuscaloosa is focused on catering to the needs of EV, and cathode manufacturers in the U.S. Southeast. Daimler AG’s Mercedes, among others, is trying to adopt a circular economy to recycle battery metals, thereby reducing the dependency on new mines.

The Alabama facility will deal with the waste generated by approximately 5% to 10% of the EV battery manufacturing processes, according to Ajay Kochhar, chief executive of Li-Cycle. Just in the last five months, the number of battery cell manufacturing plants has been increased by new units in the U.S. Southeastern region. As of now, the region does not have an operable recycling solution, said Kochhar. The recycling company has declared its collaboration with Univar Solutions Inc to accumulate the battery scrap. Mercedes will also help gather scrap, which will be supplied to the recycling facility in Alabama, where the waste will be broken down into component metals.

Li-Cycle based in Toronto has a spending budget worth $10 million for the Alabama facility, expected to have its grand opening by mid-2022. This will count as the fourth facility of the Canadian player on the North American continent.

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