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Jeff Tangney Launched Healthcare Startup Epocrates

As per the trusted sources, Epocrates, a health care startup is launched by Jeff Tangney in the middle of the dot-com bubble. The company somehow could handle the crash, and it eventually went public after that.

However, it was acquired for a value of less than USD 300 million.By the time Tangney started working on his next company, Doximity, in the year 2010, he had learned that it is not ideal for raising too much money or even burning a lot of cash.He understood that the company has to solve an actual problem for the doctors.

In Doximity, Tangney came up with a web service that is a professional network, just like LinkedIn, but for doctors. It offers a secure way for medical experts to communicate and pass on important information to patients and their colleagues. Now, it contains around 1.8 million healthcare professionals over the US and 80% of the physicians.

On Thursday, the Doximity begin trading on the NYSE, closing the week with a market capitalization of about USD 10 billion after raising a price of USD 500 million in its IPO. Tangney has a stake worth USD 2.9 billion in the company.As per the trusted reports, these are huge numbers as the company never showed up on the billion-dollar companies’ unicorn list. Tangney stated that he resisted some of the silicon valley wisdom, such as he needs to go big or hire 40 more people and do all the things.

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