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Jackpot Approaches $300 Million Making Powerball Website Crash

Many people are wondering if they won the $290 million Jackpot on Saturday night because the Powerball website has been offline for virtually the entire day on Sunday. No, that is not the case. There were no grand prize winners in Saturday’s Powerball drawing, so the Jackpot has risen to $293 for the newly adopted second chance, which begins on Monday. The numbers from the drawing on Saturday, August 21st, are listed below.

The Powerball Jackpot on Saturday night, 08/21/21, was estimated to be worth $290 million, with a cash option at $209.2 million. On Saturday, there was no big prize winner. According to Texas, the Powerball Jackpot for 08/23/21 is anticipated to be around $293 million, with a cash option of $214.1 million.

According to, which regularly monitors the URL for responses and then displays how long it’s been down, the Powerball website has been unavailable for more than 17 hours. There has been no explanation for why the website has been unavailable for so long. Powerball is a multi-state lottery that takes place every Wednesday and Saturday and is one of the two largest lottery prize games in the United States.

Powerball Jackpot start at $20 million, and additional prizes with a Power Play range from $1 million to $2 million. The cost of admission is $2. On the official Powerball website, you may look up tonight’s numbers as well as previous winning numbers. During the Powerball, there are nine different methods to win money. If you get the Powerball with no other numbers, you’ll win $4, and if you add the power play for an extra dollar, you’ll win even more. One ball plus the Powerball pays the same, and two correct numbers plus the Powerball pays $7, as does three correct numbers without the Powerball.

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