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iPhone Users Can Soon Add Vaccination Cards to Wallet

The latest iPhone update iOS 15 allows users to add their covid 19 vaccination cards to their wallets. According to the new iOS 15 blog page, iPhone users can store their electronic version of the vaccination card in their wallet. iPhone users have had a mode called Do Not Disturb that has limited notifications except a list of close contacts. These features have received a big upgrade in iOS 15 that Apple calls Focus.

The new update included many features. The iPhone manufacturer updated the Apple Maps and a new shared with users section that allows you to keep track of files transferred via iMessage, and numerous FaceTime refinements. The new software can identify and give more information about animals, landmarks, plants and books.

The update also makes the text inside your photos searchable, and users can even copy and paste text from a photo into a document. AI runs on an iPhone, rather than the cloud to do the work on a remote server. This makes the process of identifying or copying things without sending them back to Apple.The Focus mode shows only notifications from people and apps you’ve pre-approved.

If someone is texting a user who is in Focus Mode, they’ll receive a message that notifications have been silenced, sort of like an away message. Users can create multiple Focus profiles for different situations, such as work, play and sleep. It will allow users to create special home screens so they can like different collections of apps for work or home.

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