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iMessage style Reactions Added on Telegram

Before the end of 2021, Telegram is releasing one final major update. Hidden text to disguise spoilers is one of the new features. So, if you can’t wait to tell everyone in the chat about what happens in Spider-Man: No Way Home, you can choose any piece of your text and utilise the Spoiler formatting. The text in the conversation, notifications, and chat list will be hidden as a result.

When your friends are ready, they can tap the spoiler text to read what you think about [redacted] showing up. iMessage-style reactions are also new. To send a thumbs-up reaction, double tap any message. Other emoji, such as a grin, fire, a shocked face, or a thumbs down, can be selected by tapping once (or tapping and holding on iOS). On Android, you can change the default double-tap emoji in the Chat Settings, while on iOS, you can change it under the Stickers and Emoji section.

Reactions are always enabled in private talks. Admins of channels and groups can determine whether or not to enable them, as well as which reactions other users can use. Telegram now offers a useful translation feature, among other things. You can enable translation in the Language section of Settings, which adds a Translate button to the context menu. You can choose which languages you can comprehend, and the Translate button will not appear on messages sent in those languages.

All Android devices can use translation, however iPhone and iPad users must have iOS 15 or later to use it. Telegram language support is determined by your operating system. Users can also create QR codes for bots, groups, and channels, as well as anyone with a public username. You can customise the colours and style of the QR code by tapping the icon next to their username.

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